Graphite Electrode Prices Going Up because of Petroleum Coke Lacking

Graphite electrode Price trend

Recently, a lot of Graphite Electrode plants including Rongxing Carbon adjust their prices of Graphite Electrode, especially for sizes 150mm -500mm.

The reason is that the Chinese aluminium manufacturers buy out the Chinese low sulfur petroleum coke for meeting the Environmental Index. So, the petroleum coke price goes up like a rocket. 

We all know the the petroleum coke is the main raw materials for Graphite Electrode, that's why the price of Graphite Electrode goes up this month. 

Not only the petroleum coke affect the prices of Graphite Electrode, so does the Needle Coke. Right now, Graphite Electrode plant are hard to import the needle from Japan. Plus, the Needle Coke will increase its price in the near future, too.

Therefore, as we estimated, the Graphite Electrode market will enter into a new era of rising prices. 


  • The second largest in the country
  • Cumulative supply unit 330+
  • Cost-effective than the peer 20%
  • 48H rushed to the production site as soon as possible
  1. Recently, a lot of graphite electrode plants including Rongxing Carbon adjust their prices of graphite electrode, especially for sizes 150mm -500mm.The reason i.

  2. 1. Containing more fibrous structure, coke particles have a larger aspect ratio.2. Should have sufficient particle strength, reduce the pulverization rate of ca.

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