Gold Supplier

Fully automated production line.

Cost-effective 20% of the peers.

From raw material ratio to finished product microcomputer control.

Supply to Global Top units

Achieve one-stop shopping.

The cumulative supply of more than 380.

Products are exported to Indonesia, Iran and other 17 countries.

Established in 1992

International quality system certification.

Undertake domestic and foreign OEM orders.

Leading in production process and production capacity nationwide.

Latest Products

World's Leading Graphite Electrode Mana

World's Leading Graphite Electrode Manaufacturer-Rongxing Group

Carbon Electrode Paste Price 2020

Carbon Electrode Paste Price 2020

Graphite Electrode - All Sizes in IEC 60

UHP Graphite Electrode, HP graphite electrode, RP graphite electrode, graphite electrode

150mm1800mm rp hp graphite electrode for

150mm1800mm rp hp graphite electrode

small size RP250mm HP250mm UHP250mm Grap

Graphite electrode for steel/silicon/phosphorus smelting

RP HP UHP small size 150/200/250mm carbo

150/200/250mm carbon graphite electrode

rp hp 250mm carbon graphite electrode wi

rp hp 250mm carbon graphite electrode

Graphite Electrode Lift Plug

Lift Plug for Graphite Electrode

Our Competitive Advantages

Since 1992, the company developed from the original coke business into an integrated carbon & graphite manufacturing enterprise

Powerful R&D Strength

With a first-class R&D team, we invest millions of R&D funds every year to continuously develop new products and apply new technologies. Possessing sophisticated production lines and inspection equipments, providing diverse lines of carbon metallurgical products backed by expert R&D technical support.

Our Products

As an experienced supplier, we now offer everything from RP, HP to UHP graphite electrode and trapezodial, oval, cylinder electrode paste in the world. Our products meet and exceed the challenges of thousands of applications, and continue to be innovated.

QC System

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, it possesses sophisticated manufacturing and inspection equipment, provides 100% inspection and reporting on each product delivered to its customers. We stand for the maxims of uncompromising quality, outstanding customer service and operational dependability.


Our materials, technologies and products -- plus a worldwide network of partners -- all contribute to making Rongxing a leading supplier of carbon metallurgical solutions. For large-scale projects and special solutions in particular, Rongxing offers customers a one-stop shop. Our technological edge means that our solutions are consistently among the best in their field.


It has a vast inventory which will aid you in the quick deliveries. Our export expertise includes securing the most economical ocean & railroad freight rates for our customers within our customer’s delivery time table utilizing various carriers via ocean or railroad. When your order is placed , our goal is to deliver it on time.

Technical Support and Services

Providing our customers with more thoughtful services and technical support, training local customers management and operational project solutions. Rongxing partners with its customers to provide comprehensive knowhow and expertise.We pride ourselves in providing outstanding service to our customers and in creating solutions that fulfill the needs of the world we live in.

Leading Supplier of Carbon Products & Carbon graphite

RONGXING DEVELOPMENT PTE.LTD. holds itself to the highest quality standards that control everything from incoming raw materials to final factory production. All materials are tested to ensure they meet industry standards before entering the manufacturing phase.Our maxims are uncompromising quality, outstanding customer service and operational dependability. To continually improve our products, services and our quality management system by establishing and reviewing quality objectives on a consistent basis.

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Clients Review

The following is a customer case presentation on electrode paste and graphite electrode

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are the most frequently asked by customers.

How about your plant?

The annual output of graphite electrode is 50000 tons,electrode paste is 200,000 tons, CPC is 250000 tons.It’s the second largest in China.

How is the production situation?

From the ratio of raw materials to the control of finished products, the error of key indicators of finished products is + / - 0.1%.

Is the product competitive??

The raw material is the core, and the finished product is centered on the electrode paste, and the products such as refractory materials are integrated.


Pre-sales engineers collect data in front of the furnace, and after-sales engineers track and observe the product usage. Waiting around the clock to deal with the problem.