Factors affecting electrode consumption rate(一)

Electrode paste on the consumption of ferroalloy furnace - rongxin carbon

 I. raw materials used in ferroalloy furnace

1. High fixed carbon content, slow consumption.
The higher the fixed carbon content of carbon materials, the lower the ratio of charge, the same quality of ferroalloy products, the less carbon electrode reaction, the slower the electrode consumption.

2. Less carbon, slow electrode consumption.
Less carbon material, less burning loss of carbon material on the material surface, less red material on the material surface, small branch current, large resistance, electrode insert charge deep oxidation slow, electrode carbon less reaction, slow consumption.

3. The lower the ore comprehensive grade, the faster the electrode consumption.
The lower the taste into the furnace, the more ore the production of a ton of products consumed, the process is also more, the electrode paste per consumption is high, fast consumption.

4. The smaller the ore size and the more powder, the faster the electrode consumption.
More small-size material, powder, material surface permeability is poor, red material, electrode furnace depth is shallow, electrode oxidation consumption is fast.

5. Low recovery of charge metal leads to fast electrode consumption.

Ii. Product grade (electrode paste manufacturer)

The higher the grade of the product, the faster the electrode consumption.
The higher the grade of production products, the higher the ore and electricity consumption consumed by the production of a ton of products, the higher the single consumption of electrode paste, the higher the single consumption of electrode paste, the faster the consumption of electrode paste.

electrode paste, why we do better

There are 500 electrode paste production enterprises in China and more than 100 production enterprises with a scale of more than 10,000 tons. Among so many electrode paste production factories, why rongxin carbon does better in terms of production scale and public praise?

This is from the development process of rongxin carbon, rongxin carbon was founded in 1992, the original is a carbon enterprise mainly engaged in the calcining of petroleum coke, in 2006, rongxin carbon electrode paste production line was put into production.
The production of electrode paste requires heat to soften and shape the raw material. In general, the electrode paste factory needs a gas generator in this link, and even after the conversion of coal to gas, it also needs more expensive natural gas.
However, our calcined coke production line can release a lot of spare heat, which is used by the electrode paste production line.
Therefore, compared with more general electrode paste manufacturers, we have saved a lot of costs in terms of heat generation.

  • The second largest in the country
  • Cumulative supply unit 330+
  • Cost-effective than the peer 20%
  • 48H rushed to the production site as soon as possible
  1. This article mainly introduces the binder used in the production of graphite electrodes.
    The binder binds the aggregate and powder particles and makes the kneaded carbon paste have good plasticity..

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