What Is The Quality Requests for Graphite Electrode Used In DC Electric Arc Furnace?

The Graphite Electrode, used in DC electric arc furnace, haven’t the skin effect when the current flowing through. The current is evenly distributed across the current cross section. Compared with the AC electric arc furnace, the current density can be higher. Therefore, For ultra-high-power electric furnaces with the same input power, the DC DC circuit is only suitable for one electrode and the diameter of GE larger. For example, a 100t AC furnace uses electrodes with a diameter of 600mm, but the 100-ton DC arc furnace uses electrodes with a diameter of 700mm. The current load is also getting higher and higher. So the following requirements are put forward for the quality of the Graphite Electrode.

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1) The resistivity of the graphite electrode body and the nipple should be smaller. For example, the resistivity of the electrode body will be about 5μΩ * m, and the resistance of the connector will be reduced to about 4μΩ * m. To reduce the resistivity of Graphite Electrodes, in addition to selecting high-quality Needle Coke raw materials, the graphitization temperature should also be increased.

2) The linear expansion coefficient of the electrode body and the joint should be low, and the axial and radial linear expansion coefficient values of the electrode body should maintain an appropriate proportional relationship according to the magnitude of the passing current density.

3) The thermal conductivity of the electrode is higher. The high thermal conductivity enables fast heat transfer in the Graphite Electrode body and reduces the radial temperature gradient, thereby reducing thermal stress.

4) Has sufficient mechanical strength.

5) The porosity of the electrode should be low to reduce the oxidation consumption on the electrode surface.


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  1. This article mainly introduces the binder used in the production of graphite electrodes.
    The binder binds the aggregate and powder particles and makes the kneaded carbon paste have good plasticity..

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