How to store raw materials for electrode paste preparation?

Points to be paid attention to ensure the quality of stored electrode paste

 Various types of carbon raw materials must be classified and stored to ensure that the quality of raw materials used in the production process is qualified and stable, and the following points should be noted when storing raw materials:

    ① The storage site for storing carbonaceous raw materials must be cement ground. The storage of raw materials should minimize the mixing of external impurities. During the storage of raw materials, it is strictly prohibited to mix in dust, sand and other impurities. The raw materials with less ash are better to be stored in the warehouse, and the raw materials for urgent use should be in stock. For the spare materials, if there is no warehouse storage, it can also be stored in the open air, but the management must be strengthened, and appropriate measures must be taken, such as hitting the cement floor, reed mat cover and bag packaging, etc., so as not to mix the impurities during storage.

② During the storage period, the carbonaceous raw materials should be prevented from being mixed with each other, especially to prevent the ash-rich raw materials from being mixed into the ash-less raw materials. If the raw materials are mixed, they should be downgraded. For the same type of raw materials, if the quality inspection results differ greatly, they should be stacked separately.

③ It is necessary to prevent rain and snow from falling, so as not to increase the moisture of the raw materials due to the infiltration of rain water or snow water, thereby affecting the degree of heat treatment during the calcination or drying process, and increasing the fuel consumption.

④ Pay attention to the use of stored new and old raw materials. Some raw materials should not be stored for too long. Strengthen the quality inspection of stored raw materials in order to keep abreast of the quality changes of stored raw materials. If the quality changes of stored raw materials exceed the requirements, they should be stopped. use.

⑤ The raw materials that have been stored for a long time cannot be used directly. The quality of carbon raw materials will change during long-term storage, and foreign impurities may also be mixed into the raw materials.
Therefore, for long-term storage of raw materials, they must be sampled and analyzed according to the specified quality indicators before use, and the raw materials that pass the inspection can be put into use. For the raw materials that fail the inspection, they should be stopped or degraded. For example, anthracite, if stored for too long, will be weathered, and large pieces will become smaller, which directly affects its mechanical strength; if stored for too long, coal tar will age, resulting in changes in its softening temperature and composition.

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