Graphite Electrode - All Sizes in IEC 60239:2005 standard

Graphite Electrode - All Sizes in IEC 60239:2005 standard

Graphite Electrode - All Sizes in IEC 60239:2005 standard

Grapgite Electrode IEC 60239 : 2005 Standard

UHP Graphite Electrode, HP graphite electrode, RP graphite electrode, graphite electrode



About us

Exporting first-class carbon metallurgical products to the world as a mission, as a pilot enterprise of One Belt and One Road initiative pilot enterprise, Rongxing Group grasps the opportunity to vigorously develop overseas markets. Our products have been exported to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Middle Eastern countries, which enjoys good reputation. 


Why choose Rongxing:


A. Factory Advantages. High output, with an annual output of 50,000 tons Graphite Electrode. Having vast inventory,Timely delivery; Guarantee delivery date. 

B. Superior Raw materials. Needle Coke imported from Japan and South Korea. Under the strict consumption control, the Graphite Electrode possess low consumption rate which is 1.5-2/kg/Mt.

C. Technical support. Rongxing has a group of experts in the field of servicing.We know all of the EAF, Ladle furnaces, and Foundry applications throughout China and Middle east Countries. Beyond the standard procedure of selling electrodes, we help the customer in many ways.

D.After-sales services. Providing our customers with more thoughtful services and technical support, training local customers management and operational project solutions. Professional technicians will visit customers regularly.


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    【World's Leading Graphite Electrode Manaufacturer-Rongxing Group】 Rongxing Group manufactures and supplies high quality graphite electrode and electrod.

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    Product features:
    1)Good electrical conductivity
    2)High resistance to thermal shock
    3)High mechanical strength

    Application field:
    1) used for electric arc furnace

    2)used for ore heat furnace
    3)used for electric resistance furnace.

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    Graphite Electrode Overview: Graphite Electrode are used in both DC and AC electric arc furnaces. Steelmaking workshops have to cover the cost of these consum.

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