What is the production characteristics of graphite electrode?

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 What is the production characteristics of Graphite Electrode?

1. Long production cycle. Usually speaking, it will take around 45 days to produce HP grade Graphite Electrode, and over 70 days for the UHP Grade Graphite Electrodes. Plus, if the electrodes need to be multi-impregnated, the production cycle will become more longer.

2. High energy consumption. Processing 1 ton RP Graphite Electrode will need consume the electric energy about 6000kW·h, thousands CBMs of coal gas or natural gas, the metallurgical coke and powder for around 1 ton.

3. Complicated production processes. The production processes include raw materials calcination, crushing and grinding, dosing, kneading, forming, baking, impregnation, graphitization and machining. The production will require several special equipment and special construction furnace. The building investment is very large while the payback time is long.

4. During the production, it will produce a certain amount of dust and harmful gas. Therefore, the Graphite Electrode plant need the sophisticated ventilation and dust collect system and a environmental protect measures for eliminate the harmful gas.

5. The required raw materials carbon pet coke and coal tar pitch are the by products coming from oil refining or coal chemical companies. The raw materials quality and supply can’t be fully guaranteed.

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  2. The electrode paste is burned in a submerged electric furnace (sintered in an electrode barrel made of steel plate) and consumed, so it is also called a continu.

  3. This week, 250 tons cylinder electrode paste 500x1000mm was finished and delivered to our Middle East customer. This customer is a high carbon ferrochrome prod.

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