Hollow UHP 450MM Graphite Electrode For Producing Ferrochrome

Hollow Graphite Electrode are used for producing ferroalloys, ferrochrome and so on in the electrode arc furnace.

Now the demands for Hollow Graphite Electrodes in the market is not large. Our South Africa and Switherland customers decide to buy one container hollow Graphite Electrode.

The size are UHP550 and UHP600.

If you have any demands for the hollow Graphite Electrode, please just let me know.

hollow <a href=http://www.graphite-product.com/Electrode/ge/ target=_blank class=infotextkey>Graphite Electrode</a>.jpg


  • The second largest in the country
  • Cumulative supply unit 330+
  • Cost-effective than the peer 20%
  • 48H rushed to the production site as soon as possible
  1. UHP600X2400MM Graphite Electrode 200 tons in StockComing the end of this year, we have achieved a wonderful sale target even under corona impact. Right now we h.

  2. The electrode paste is burned in a submerged electric furnace (sintered in an electrode barrel made of steel plate) and consumed, so it is also called a continu.

  3. This week, 250 tons cylinder electrode paste 500x1000mm was finished and delivered to our Middle East customer. This customer is a high carbon ferrochrome prod.

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