700mm UHP Graphite Electrode with Preset Nipple


Graphite Electrode Overview:


Graphite Electrode are used in both DC and AC electric arc furnaces. Steelmaking workshops have to cover the cost of these consumable electrodes during new steel production process. So optimizing the usage of Graphite Electrode is a cost-saving tactic. 

Performance parameters determine quality.

  • Specifific Electrical Resistance (SER or ER), low specifific resistance of Graphite Electrode allows maximum current carrying capability without overheating of the electrode column.
  • Flexural strength, higher flexural strength in Graphite Electrode will generally result in lower electrode breakage frequency.
  • Tensile strength, higher tensile strength in nipples will generally result in lower nipple breakage frequency;
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), lower CTE will generally give better resistance to thermal shock. Also, CTE compatibility between the Graphite Electrode and connecting nipple is important for satisfactory performance of the electrode joint.


700mm Graphite Electrode:



Why choose Rongxing:

A. Factory Advantages. High output, with an annual output of 50,000 tons Graphite Electrode. Having vast inventory,Timely delivery; Guarantee delivery date. 

B. Superior Raw materials. Needle Coke imported from Japan and South Korea. Under the strict consumption control, the Graphite Electrode possess low consumption rate which is 1.5-2/kg/Mt.

C. Technical support. Rongxing has a group of experts in the field of servicing.We know all of the EAF, Ladle furnaces, and Foundry applications throughout China and Middle east Countries. Beyond the standard procedure of selling electrodes, we help the customer in many ways.

D.After-sales services. Providing our customers with more thoughtful services and technical support, training local customers management and operational project solutions. Professional technicians will visit customers regularly.


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  • The second largest in the country
  • Cumulative supply unit 330+
  • Cost-effective than the peer 20%
  • 48H rushed to the production site as soon as possible
  1. UHP600X2400MM Graphite Electrode 200 tons in StockComing the end of this year, we have achieved a wonderful sale target even under corona impact. Right now we h.

  2. The electrode paste is burned in a submerged electric furnace (sintered in an electrode barrel made of steel plate) and consumed, so it is also called a continu.

  3. This week, 250 tons cylinder electrode paste 500x1000mm was finished and delivered to our Middle East customer. This customer is a high carbon ferrochrome prod.

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